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For Winged Friends

For Winged Friends

Birds, butterflies, bats, and pollinators are a beneficial presence in every garden, and they can be encouraged to take up residence or visit often in your yard. Choose from our selection below to welcome winged friends while adding ornamentation, interest, and a bit of fun to your garden.

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 Bluebird Cottage Bluebird Cottage SKU: F50159
 Small Flyers Birdbath Small Flyers Birdbath SKU: F50462
 Hummingbird Cantina Hummingbird Cantina SKU: S56231
 Set of 6 Seed Balls Set of 6 Seed Balls SKU: X50157
 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 SKU: X50155
 High-Style Bird Feeder High-Style Bird Feeder SKU: X50121
 Butterfly House Butterfly House SKU: F58951
 A Magnificent Birdhouse A Magnificent Birdhouse SKU: F56859
 Mason Bee House Mason Bee House SKU: X50110
 Birdseed Garland Birdseed Garland SKU: X50129
 Redwood Shingle Birdhouse Redwood Shingle Birdhouse SKU: X50117
 Bat House Bat House SKU: X50109
 Galvanized Seed Canister Galvanized Seed Canister SKU: S50114
$39.00 $27.30
 Fly Thru Bird Feeder Fly Thru Bird Feeder SKU: F50145
 Copper Chateau Bird Feeder Copper Chateau Bird Feeder SKU: X50116
 Frog and Toad Abode Frog and Toad Abode SKU: F50107
 Redwood Mason Bee Block Redwood Mason Bee Block SKU: F50108
 Stoneware Mason Bee House Stoneware Mason Bee House SKU: F50133
 Stoneware Nest Box Stoneware Nest Box SKU: X50112
 Pine Cone Treats Pine Cone Treats SKU: X50127
 Easy-Clean Finch Feeder Easy-Clean Finch Feeder SKU: S50151
 Hummingbird Kit Hummingbird Kit SKU: F86044
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