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For Winged Friends

For Winged Friends

Birds, butterflies, bats, and pollinators are a beneficial presence in every garden, and they can be encouraged to take up residence or visit often when you place feeders, houses, or other options for shelter in your yard. Choose from our selection below to welcome winged friends while adding ornamentation, interest, and a bit of fun to your garden.

Bird Feeders Bird Feeders Give your feathered friends a snack with one of these bird feeders. Read more
Bird Houses Bird Houses These birdhouses combine beauty and function to support local and migrating birds. Read more
Bird Baths Bird Baths Give the birds in your neighborhood a stylish and functional birdbath. Read more
Bird Seed Bird Seed Feed birds throughout the year and you’ll be rewarded by their beautiful songs and antics. Read more
Celebrating Winged Friends Celebrating Winged Friends The beauty of birds, butterflies, and bees has long been the inspiration for decorative motifs. Read more

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