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Triumph Tulips

Triumph Tulips

Triumph Tulips are crosses between early and late-blooming singles, and offer the widest range of colors of any Tulip group. Their single blooms (early to midseason) and medium-length stems work well in containers. Good for forcing, too.

 Tulip 'Barcelona' Tulip 'Barcelona' SKU: F232120
From $15.25
 Growers Choice Tulip Mixture Growers Choice Tulip Mixture SKU: F236502
$22.00 $17.60
 Tulip 'Gabriella' Tulip 'Gabriella' SKU: F231982
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Pretty Princess' Tulip 'Pretty Princess' SKU: F211808
From $15.25
 Tulip 'Spryng Break' Tulip 'Spryng Break' SKU: F232799
$21.00 $16.80
 Tulip 'Sanne' Tulip 'Sanne' SKU: F232766
$15.25 $12.20
 Tulip 'Purple Prince' Tulip 'Purple Prince' SKU: F232702
$13.25 $10.60
 Tulip 'White Liberstar' Tulip 'White Liberstar' SKU: F232827
$15.25 $12.20
 Tulip 'Pallada' Tulip 'Pallada' SKU: F232821
$13.25 $10.60
 Tulip 'Synaeda Blue' Tulip 'Synaeda Blue' SKU: F232826
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Prinses Irene' Tulip 'Prinses Irene' SKU: F211402
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Ronaldo' Tulip 'Ronaldo' SKU: F232704
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Tom Pouce' Tulip 'Tom Pouce' SKU: F232800
From $14.25
 Tulip 'Cairo' Tulip 'Cairo' SKU: F230750
From $14.25
 Early Surprise Tulip Mix Early Surprise Tulip Mix SKU: F232708
 Tulip 'Slawa' Tulip 'Slawa' SKU: F232798
From $15.25
 Tulip 'Silver Cloud' Tulip 'Silver Cloud' SKU: F232810
From $17.00
 Tulip 'Infinity' Tulip 'Infinity' SKU: F210130
From $14.50
 Tulip 'Grand Perfection' Tulip 'Grand Perfection' SKU: F232785
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Prinz Armin' Tulip 'Prinz Armin' SKU: F211803
From $12.25
 Tulip 'Suncatcher' Tulip 'Suncatcher' SKU: F232811
From $15.25
 Tulip 'Fashion Look' Tulip 'Fashion Look' SKU: F232797
 Tulip 'Bourbon Street' Tulip 'Bourbon Street' SKU: F232805
From $13.25
 Tulip 'Kelly' Tulip 'Kelly' SKU: F232820
 Tulip 'Sweet Dynasty' Tulip 'Sweet Dynasty' SKU: F210133
From $15.50
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