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Whichford Pottery

Whichford Pottery

We’re thrilled to be offering a selection of timeless, beautifully crafted English flowerpots, all handmade at England’s renowned Whichford Pottery. The vessels are formed using 3 types of locally sourced clay, and these pots are as lovely as they are durable. The enchanting designs incorporate classic forms, iconic illustrations, and intricate motifs. The pots are collectible, and they make superb gifts.

All Whichford pots have a 10-year frost-proof guarantee. In colder climates where they may be subject to freeze/thaw cycles, we recommend emptying and storing them indoors. If you choose to overwinter your pots outside, cover them and place them in a protected area where they are not in contact with bare ground.

 Buxus Pot Buxus Pot
From $45.00
 Orange Pot Orange Pot
From $59.00
 Cockleshell Pot Cockleshell Pot
From $49.00
 Hosta Pots Hosta Pots
From $84.00
 Pot Feet, set of 3 Pot Feet, set of 3 SKU: S59564
 Whichford Poppy Pot Whichford Poppy Pot SKU: X59553
 The Winter's Tale Pot The Winter's Tale Pot SKU: S59538
 Sicilian Lemon Pot Sicilian Lemon Pot SKU: F59517
 Flared Basket Weave Pot Flared Basket Weave Pot SKU: S59466
 Herb Pan Herb Pan SKU: S59459
 Shallow Basket Pot Shallow Basket Pot SKU: F59519
 Shakespeare Anniversary Pot Shakespeare Anniversary Pot SKU: S55888
 Romeo and Juliet Pot Romeo and Juliet Pot SKU: S59537
 Uguisu Pots Uguisu Pots
From $75.00
Sold Out:  Basket Barrel Pot Basket Barrel Pot SKU: S59518