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North American Native Plants

North American Native Plants

All gardeners know they are never alone in the garden. Insects, birds, earthworms, fungi, deer, voles, and many other creatures may visit or live among the plants and in the soil. The greater the diversity of plants in your garden, the greater the amount of life it may support. By including native plants in your landscape, you can supply local wildlife, such as butterflies, with the food and habitat they need for survival. Native plants are well adapted to local conditions and will often thrive with less care than a non-native plant.

The varieties featured below are native to North America, or are improved selections of North American native plants. Contact your local Cooperative Extension office for information on plants native to your specific region.

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 Ornamental Grass: Nassella tenuissima Ornamental Grass: Nassella tenuissima SKU: S30075
$14.95 $11.96
 Mertensia virginica Mertensia virginica SKU: S34085
From $14.95
 Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen Hydrangea quercifolia Snow Queen SKU: S63153
From $34.95
 Bounty of Blueberries Collection Bounty of Blueberries Collection SKU: S4693
From $65.00
 Baptisia australis Baptisia australis SKU: S24640
From $14.95
 Cornus canadensis Cornus canadensis SKU: S26830
From $16.95
 Phlox Candy Store® Cotton Candy Phlox Candy Store® Cotton Candy SKU: S36117
From $15.95
 Aristolochia macrophylla Aristolochia macrophylla SKU: S60270
From $31.95
 Heliopsis h. var. scabra 'Asahi' Heliopsis h. var. scabra 'Asahi' SKU: S30671
From $14.95
 Phlox Candy Store® Trio Phlox Candy Store® Trio SKU: S82788
From $42.00
 Eupatorium coelestinum 'Cori' Eupatorium coelestinum 'Cori' SKU: S28935
From $12.95
 Monarda fistulosa Monarda fistulosa SKU: S34292
From $13.95
 Lobelia cardinalis Lobelia cardinalis SKU: S33247
$12.95 $10.36
 Viburnum dentatum Viburnum dentatum SKU: S68512
From $25.95
 Lobelia siphilitica Lobelia siphilitica SKU: S33245
From $14.95
 Clethra alnifolia Ann's Bouquet Clethra alnifolia Ann's Bouquet SKU: S60981
From $27.95
 Aronia arbutifolia Aronia arbutifolia SKU: S60282
From $26.95
 Cercis canadensis Cercis canadensis SKU: S60909
From $79.00
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