Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'
Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'

Asclepias incarnata 'Cinderella'

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Swamp Milkweed
Hardiness Zone: 3-9S/W Exposure: Sun
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Blooms In: Jun-Aug
Height: 3-5' Spacing: 24-30"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: 1 PINT 28.86 CU IN.
Fragrance: Yes Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

A genuine star whose unusually dense clusters of pale pink flowers open from dark pink buds. The vanilla-scented flowers last well in water and attract butterflies and hummingbirds. Plants are deer resistant and heat tolerant, too.

Of the 200 species in the genus Asclepias, the best known are North American wildflowers. They have small, curiously shaped blooms that appear in dense clusters. These plants provide nourishment for Monarch butterflies through all their life stages, and are essential for their survival.

For more information on the growing and care of Asclepias, click Growing Guide.




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Tall, beautiful flowering plant that attracts Monarchs.

A viewer from Granville, MA

I bought one of these plants and last year it not only attracted butterflies, but Monarchs. We had several chrysallis' on the plant, and then got to see the gorgeous butterflies soon after they hatched. I am ordering a couple more with hopes of attracting more of these georgeous butterflies. Also ~ this weathered beautifully. Nothing but good to say about this plant!

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Plant near a Chain Link Fence

A viewer from Baltimore

When I planted my milkweed near a chain link fence in 2018, I had an amazing number of chrysalis form on the fence (the caterpillars simply crawled from the milkweed onto the fence). In August and September we witnessed the full cycle of the monarch butterfly.. green chrysalis to clear chrysalis just before butterfly emerges to seeing the butterfly emerge and finally fly to nearby nectar plants (tithonia mexican sunflowers were covered in butterflies) It was an amazing sight and I will repeat this process in 2019. Yes, I took a million pictures. You will be amazed!!!

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Fantastic Plant

A viewer from Northern Indiana

My wife planted our milkweed in a swampy area on our property in full sun. We had flowers this year and a few monarch butterflies. We have ordered more plants for fall planting. We had tried seeds, but these from White Flower Farm grew quickly and attracted butterflies already this summer. We have a lot of nectar plants on the property too. Thanks!

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It is a great plant to attract Monarchs

Lynnette from Algonquin, IL

I bought a tiny stalk from the local garden center (I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago with clay soil) and the next year it was a 7' giant plant with tons of pink blooms. IT IS NOT in the swamp - we have it in the full sun right on highest place in our yard along with coneflowers, black eyed susan, bee balm (I found this needs a little shade so I moved it behind the milkweed to give it some afternoon shade from the sun), and lavender. It does not need s swamp to grow. You will see caterpillars - we counted about 12 the 2nd year. We never saw the chrysalis unfortunately. Warning - you will see and attract a wide variety of bees also. They never hurt us and we saw everything from a tiny green bee to a giant black mud dauber.

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Not for me.

A viewer from Arkansas

I bought it for the same reason as the other reviewers, to attract butterflies. All my plant seemed to do was attract aphids.
Last summer was my first year for the plant, it grew tall but was covered in aphids. I tried rinsing them off and I tried smashing them on the stem which resulted in yellow fingers so I finally cut it down. The plant may attract butterflies, but I cannot stand seeing all of those aphids. It was not worth my $13.00.

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Growing guide

Growing guide

Latin Name Pronunciation: uh-sklee'pee-us  

This genus, commonly known as Milkweed, consists of many North American native species, and is most notable for attracting butterflies. Their flowers are excellent nectar sources, and the plants are important hosts for the larval stage of the Monarch butterfly. Use Asclepias in pollinator gardens, sunny borders, and meadows.

Asclepias grows best planted in full sun and well-drained soil (sandy soil is ideal). Since some perennial Milkweed varieties are among the last to emerge from dormancy in spring, mark their location so you don't plant something on top of them.

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