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Sneeboer Tools

Sneeboer Tools

The Sneeboer line of heirloom-quality tools is a particular favorite of ours. Each is hand forged from top-grade stainless steel then individually shaped, polished, and sharpened. These hard-working instruments are fitted with premium wood handles and are designed to last for years.

 Children's Hand Tool Set Children's Hand Tool Set SKU: S57009
 Ultimate Garden Fork Ultimate Garden Fork SKU: F49801
 Transplanting Spade Transplanting Spade SKU: S55894
 Toothed Garden Hoe Toothed Garden Hoe SKU: F49817
 Heavy-Duty Tool Sharpener Heavy-Duty Tool Sharpener SKU: F49811
 Tight Spots Weeding Tool Tight Spots Weeding Tool SKU: F49814
 Tool Maintenance Kit Tool Maintenance Kit SKU: F49810
 Root Grabber Weeding Tool Root Grabber Weeding Tool SKU: F49813
 Right-handers Garden Hoe Right-handers Garden Hoe SKU: F49804
 Hand Cultivator Hand Cultivator SKU: S49826
 Professional Garden Trowel Professional Garden Trowel SKU: F49805
 Precision Weeder Precision Weeder SKU: F49812
 Narrow Space Leaf Rake Narrow Space Leaf Rake SKU: F49818
 Hand-Held Cultivator Hand-Held Cultivator SKU: S55895
 Hand-Forged Step Edger Hand-Forged Step Edger SKU: F49802
 Hand-Forged Weeding Fork Hand-Forged Weeding Fork SKU: F49806
 Gardener's Hand Rake Gardener's Hand Rake SKU: F49803
 Gardener's Go-To Rake Gardener's Go-To Rake SKU: F49809
 Essential Garden Spade Essential Garden Spade SKU: F49800
 Compact Pointed Spade Compact Pointed Spade SKU: F49808
 Container & Pot Knife Container & Pot Knife SKU: S55896