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Garden Accessories & Supports

Garden Accessories & Supports

On these pages you’ll find supplies you didn’t know you needed.
All Garden Accessories All Garden Accessories We offer a full range of marvelous accessories for your garden and you. Read more
Garden & Plant Supports Garden & Plant Supports Help your plants reach new heights with our array of garden and plant supports. Read more

Featured Items

 Modern Metal Harvest Trug Modern Metal Harvest Trug SKU: S49150
 Galvanized Flower Caddy Galvanized Flower Caddy SKU: S58698
 Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner Bristle Brush Pot Cleaner SKU: S50708
 Steel-Topped Potting Table Steel-Topped Potting Table SKU: S57010
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: S55840
 Soil Thermometer Soil Thermometer SKU: S55897
 Soil pH Meter Soil pH Meter SKU: F58794
 Rolling Tarp, small Rolling Tarp, small SKU: F50716
 Hanging Garden Markers Hanging Garden Markers SKU: F57740
 Red Plant Ladder Red Plant Ladder SKU: F50281
 Blossom Stakes - Set of 5 Blossom Stakes - Set of 5 SKU: S56111
 Dark Green Amaryllis Stake Dark Green Amaryllis Stake SKU: X56597