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Gardening Accessories

Gardening Accessories

We offer a wide array of accessories to support your indoor and outdoor gardening. Here you'll find stylish and functional plant labels, brushes to clean your pots, a soil pH tester, as well as a handy device for lifting heavy planters. This is also a great spot to find the perfect gift for the gardener in your life.

 Galvanized Flower Caddy Galvanized Flower Caddy SKU: S58698
 Meadow Picnic Pillow Meadow Picnic Pillow SKU: S55710
 English Rose Kneeling Pad English Rose Kneeling Pad SKU: S57219
 Plantsman's Essentials Plantsman's Essentials SKU: F51776
 Foliage Plant Success Kit Foliage Plant Success Kit SKU: F7236
 Dahlia Growing Kit Dahlia Growing Kit SKU: S55909
 Fiber Garden Pot Fiber Garden Pot SKU: S55840
From $30.00
 Hanging Garden Markers Hanging Garden Markers SKU: F57740
 Picnic Tote Picnic Tote SKU: S55705
 Prêt-à-Porter Tote Prêt-à-Porter Tote SKU: S55197
 Rolling Tarp, small Rolling Tarp, small SKU: F50716
 Soil pH Meter Soil pH Meter SKU: F58794
 Vinyl Tie Tape, set of 3 rolls Vinyl Tie Tape, set of 3 rolls SKU: S52018
From $10.00