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Herbaceous Peonies

Herbaceous Peonies

There are few garden plants more rewarding than the Herbaceous Peony. The flowers range from exquisitely delicate singles to large and lush doubles, and the plants are among the longest-lived perennials, often lasting for generations. They produce an extravagant display in our gardens in early June, regardless of weather. We ship each in bareroot form, which means you receive a section of healthy, vigorous rootstock. Plant it according to instructions, and give your Peony a year to settle in. Expect your first few flowers in the second or third year. The blossom count will continue to climb as your Peony comes of age.

 Peony 'Coral Charm' Peony 'Coral Charm' SKU: S35407
From $18.95
 Peony 'Duchesse de Nemours' Peony 'Duchesse de Nemours' SKU: S35420
From $18.95
 Peony 'Festiva Maxima' Peony 'Festiva Maxima' SKU: S35433
From $18.95
 Peony 'Raspberry Sundae' Peony 'Raspberry Sundae' SKU: S35490
From $21.95
 Peony 'Red Charm' Peony 'Red Charm' SKU: S35494
From $24.95