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Lilies are prized for their magnificent colors and heady perfume. Their beautiful, star-shaped blossoms rise up on strong stems in summer. We offer a wide range of top-grade varieties, including Orientals, Asiatics, and Orienpets. We also offer select Species Lilies. Scatter them among perennials and shrubs, or mass them in drifts. Shipped as bulbs.

On Sale:  Bold Colors Asiatic Lily Mix Bold Colors Asiatic Lily Mix SKU: S381401
$60.00 $49.00
On Sale:  Lilium 'Beijing Moon' Lilium 'Beijing Moon' SKU: S381459
$16.95 $12.75
On Sale:  Lilium 'Black Beauty' Lilium 'Black Beauty' SKU: S381375
$16.95 $12.75
On Sale:  Lilium 'Broken Heart' Lilium 'Broken Heart' SKU: S381562
$18.95 $13.98
On Sale:  Lilium 'Casa Blanca' Lilium 'Casa Blanca' SKU: S381378
$16.95 $12.75
On Sale:  Lilium 'Conca d'Or' Lilium 'Conca d'Or' SKU: S381561
$18.95 $13.98
On Sale:  Lilium 'Eyeliner' Lilium 'Eyeliner' SKU: S381383
$16.95 $12.75
On Sale:  Lilium 'Leslie Woodriff' Lilium 'Leslie Woodriff' SKU: S381078
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  Lilium 'Magnifique' Lilium 'Magnifique' SKU: S381076
$18.95 $14.49
On Sale:  Lilium 'November Rain' Lilium 'November Rain' SKU: S381070
$18.95 $14.49
On Sale:  Lilium 'Silk Road' Lilium 'Silk Road' SKU: S381480
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  Lilium 'Stargazer' Lilium 'Stargazer' SKU: S381488
$15.95 $12.75
On Sale:  Lilium 'Sunset Boulevard' Lilium 'Sunset Boulevard' SKU: S381072
$18.95 $14.49
On Sale:  Lilium leichtlinii Lilium leichtlinii SKU: S381073
$18.95 $14.49
On Sale:  Lilium Roselily Elena® Lilium Roselily Elena® SKU: S381491
$19.95 $14.49
On Sale:  Lilium speciosum 'Uchida' Lilium speciosum 'Uchida' SKU: S381560
$18.95 $14.01
On Sale:  Lilium speciosum rubrum Lilium speciosum rubrum SKU: S381478
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  Summer Magic Roselily Mix Summer Magic Roselily Mix SKU: S920620
$60.00 $48.96

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