A Garden for all Seasons

Stephen Anderton

There's an old saying about pets: A pet is not just for Christmas -- it's for a lifetime. It's rather the same with gardens.

  A Sense of Enclosure

Stephen Anderton

Within everyone’s idea of a garden is the longing to be safe and enclosed.

  Balance and Mass

Stephen Anderton

How to create spaces that are intimate and personal without being claustrophobic.

  Bending the Rules

Stephen Anderton

Just because a line isn't straight doesn't mean it can't be formal.

  Lighting & Water

Anthony Neal

It is hard to imagine a beautiful garden without water. The very heartbeat is missing.

  Sizing Up A Property

Stephen Anderton

The first step in planning a garden is to understand the landscape with which you're working.


Stephen Anderton

Why your garden needs it and how to deal with this difficult but essential element.

  Strong Bones

Stephen Anderton

A clear, coherent frame is essential to creating beautiful pictures.

  Symmetry vs. Asymmetry

Stephen Anderton

When designing or redesigning a garden, there is always one huge decision waiting for you at the outset.

  The House Makes the Garden

Stephen Anderton

A house is a massive three-dimensional anchor for the space that surrounds it.

  Border Design 101

Joe Eck

An expert shares his list of simple concepts for making complex gardens.

  Building the Bones of a Border

Fergus Garrett

The first step to a great garden is creating a framework that is practical.

  Flatheads & Tiers

Christopher Lloyd

From the flowers of yarrows to the layered branches of dogwoods, these shapes give the border strong contrast and a sense of stability.

  Fountains & Weepers

Christopher Lloyd

Plants with a cascading element are invaluable in the garden.

  Globes & Domes

Christopher Lloyd

Globes and domes are among the most natural shapes to see in a garden.

  Hands-on Design

Anna Pavord

Forget the graph paper but remember to start your plan from the center.

  Making a Mixed Border

Fergus Garrett

How do you go about building a new garden from scratch?

  Shapes Make the Garden

Christopher Lloyd

The author introduces the broad range of shapes that can be used to create exciting and lasting pictures.

  Spikes & Spires

Christopher Lloyd

A strong, upward thrust is essential in our gardens at every level, and never more so than in a mixed border setting.

  Autumn Chores

John Emmanuel

In the midst of fall’s beauty, preparations are under way for next year’s displays.

  A Fall Sampler: Salvia, Corydalis, Ceratostigma, Acer, Kirengeshoma

Five experts extol their favorite plant for autumn display.

  First Flowers

Graham Stuart Thomas

A master plantsman's picks for late-winter garden interest.

  Winter Attractions

Christopher Lloyd

Skeletons, barks, and berries usher out one season and bring in another.

  A Medley of Groundcovers for Shade

Ken Rawson

Turn a shady corner of your garden into an oasis of lush foliage and calming colors.

  A Sunny Border in Cool Colors

Ken Rawson

Thirteen plants in a border to help take the heat out of a long summer day.

  Cool Lights Shade Garden

Shrubs and perennials that provide colorful flowers and foliage in partial shade.

  Deer-Resistant Garden for Sun

Plants with a long season of interest and foliage that deer generally avoid.

  Making a Mixed Border

Ken Rawson

Just ten different plants, with flowers in shades of purple, blue, and rose can create a lively, three-season show.

  Shady Lane Garden

Hostas combine well with Virginia Bluebells, variegated Solomon's Seal, and old-fashioned Bleeding Heart.

  Sultry Delights Garden for Sun

Shrubs and perennials for a long season of bloom in full sun.

  A Garden's Foundation

Peter Garnham

Soil is the foundation upon which a garden is built. Healthy soil is an immensely complex living system, teeming with billions...

  A Rose Grower’s Survival Manual

Peter Schneider

With proper preparation most any rose can make it through a hard winter.

  A Summer Haircut

John Emmanuel

Two techniques to help keep your garden in bloom and fresh foliage throughout the growing season...

  Amaryllis - Trumpets of Winter

Tovah Martin

Amaryllis are as close as you'll come to foolproof flowers...

  Chill Out

Eliot Tozer

How to predict frost in your garden and what you can do to delay its arrival.

  Containers in the Garden

Fergus Garrett

How to arrange your plants in pots and your pots in the garden.

  Dahlias that Gardeners can Love

Anna Pavord

With vibrant flowers and striking foliage, these end-of-season stars belong in every border.

Garden Inspiration

Garden Inspiration

The articles here on concepts, borders, containers, and seasons are reprinted with permission from The Gardener magazine.

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