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Foliage Plants

Foliage Plants

We’re excited to offer a select group of premium, tropical foliage houseplants. These lush, lovely specimens are of a size and quality rarely found at the retail level. From large potted Palms and Philodendrons to tabletop-size Ferns, Hoyas and Succulents, these easy-care houseplants are superb for adding living greenery to indoor spaces, and they make impressive gifts.

All Foliage Houseplants All Foliage Houseplants Indoor plants add lush, natural beauty to living spaces while asking little in return. Read more
5-Star Foliage Houseplants 5-Star Foliage Houseplants Here you’ll find houseplants rated 5 stars by our customers. Read more
Tabletop Foliage Houseplants Tabletop Foliage Houseplants Dress up your office, living room or bedroom with any of our easy-care tabletop houseplants. Read more
Floor Foliage Houseplants Floor Foliage Houseplants Do you have a corner or entryway in your home or office that would come to life with just the right large houseplant? Read more
Bright Indirect Foliage Houseplants Bright Indirect Foliage Houseplants These plants grow best in filtered or indirect light. An east- or north-facing window is ideal. Read more
High Light Foliage Houseplants High Light Foliage Houseplants Just provide these plants with plenty of light near a south- or west-facing window. Read more
Low Light Foliage Houseplants Low Light Foliage Houseplants These plants grow best in filtered or indirect light with no direct sun. Read more
Office Plants Office Plants Green up your workspace with any of our low light office plants. Read more
Indoor Ferns Indoor Ferns Here you’ll find our selection of ferns you can grow as houseplants. Read more
Indoor Palm Plants Indoor Palm Plants Palms are attractive ornamentals throughout the world in tropical or Mediterranean-like climates. Read more
Peace Lily Plants Peace Lily Plants Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum) plants make excellent gifts for any occasion. Read more

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