Natal Mahogany
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Natal Mahogany

Natal Mahogany

Quick Facts
Common Name: Natal Mahogany
Hardiness Zone: 1-13S/W Exposure: Houseplants - Bright Indirect Light
Mature Height: 3-4'
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Product Details

Product Details

For indoor gardeners who love the look of an instant jungle, this glossy-leaved foliage plant delivers an abundant show of lush, shiny leaves that add a tropical flair to homes and offices. Natal Mahogany (Trichilia dregeana) thrives on evenly moist soil and bright indirect light. Shipped in a 12” wide x 11" tall woven basket with liner. PP 12,022

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I received my Natal Mahogany plant-tree in pristine condition. Such a happy tree is she. She’s a fast grower, has elegant large leaves, and dances to the slightest breeze. She’s been awarded the coveted Best Tree Ever, four times in a row by my daughter...the only tree or plant to receive such an honor. She thrives in my north window, and also with grow lights. Came back for more of these Lovelies. One...or a portion thereof, is for my daughter, who has already designated the perfect area in her room. Signed up for in stock notice. WFF is the Nordstrom’s of online nurseries. A trifecta...Me,, and Nattie.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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This exotic houseplant is surprisingly easy to grow. Tolerant of a range of light conditions, it performs best in a location with bright, indirect light. It likes damp soil so keep the potting mix evenly moist. When plants are in active growth from spring through summer, use a balanced (20-20-20) houseplant fertilizer monthly, diluted to half strength.

Humidity: Most houseplants are native to tropical or subtropical regions of the world, where relative humidity is typically very high. They suffer in the dry air produced by furnaces and woodstoves. The best way to increase the humidity around your plants is to run a humidifier nearby. You can also set plants in trays filled with pebbles or gravel. Add water to a level just below the tops of the pebbles (if the potting mix in the pots comes in contact with the water, the mix will draw water into the pot, which will cause the mix to become saturated, eventually leading to rot). Refill trays frequently to replace water lost through evaporation.