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New Daffodil Varieties

New Daffodil Varieties

One of the great pleasures of our business is getting acquainted with unfamiliar plant varieties, both those which are new to market and those which we simply haven't grown before. Our Daffodil bulbs are grown in The Netherlands and we visit every year, not only to seek out the latest breeding breakthroughs but also to soak up knowledge from breeders and growers whose families, in many cases, have been working with Daffodils for generations.

Here we feature some of the fruits of our labors—new Daffodil varieties that you will enjoy growing as much as we enjoyed finding them. 

 Narcissus 'Can Can Girl' Narcissus 'Can Can Girl' SKU: F111654
From $18.00
 Narcissus 'Easter Born' Narcissus 'Easter Born' SKU: F111547
From $15.00
 Narcissus 'Pink Paradise' Narcissus 'Pink Paradise' SKU: F111649
From $15.00
 Narcissus 'Gay Tabor' Narcissus 'Gay Tabor' SKU: F123023
From $19.00
 Narcissus 'Snowboard' Narcissus 'Snowboard' SKU: F111652
From $19.00
 Narcissus 'Fragrant Spring' Narcissus 'Fragrant Spring' SKU: F123022
From $15.00
 Heralding Spring Duo Heralding Spring Duo SKU: F971606
From $33.00
 Narcissus 'Blushing Lady' Narcissus 'Blushing Lady' SKU: F111555
From $14.00
 Narcissus 'Say Cheese' Narcissus 'Say Cheese' SKU: F111650
From $18.00
 Narcissus 'Indiras' Narcissus 'Indiras' SKU: F111647
From $15.00
 Narcissus 'Exotic Mystery' Narcissus 'Exotic Mystery' SKU: F111646
From $19.00
 Narcissus 'Vulcanello' Narcissus 'Vulcanello' SKU: F111653
From $17.00
 Narcissus 'Peach Prince' Narcissus 'Peach Prince' SKU: F111648
From $19.00
 Narcissus 'Amos Pettingill' Narcissus 'Amos Pettingill' SKU: F140759
From $25.00
 Narcissus 'Smiling Sun' Narcissus 'Smiling Sun' SKU: F111651
From $19.00
 Little Stars of Spring Duo Little Stars of Spring Duo SKU: F971607
From $28.00
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