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Lilies are one of the truly great garden plants for their flower forms, diversity, extended season of bloom, graceful stature, and reliable disposition. Their bulbs can be planted in spring for bloom the same year, or in fall for bloom the following year.

The sequence of bloom begins in early summer with the colorful Asiatics, Martagon Lilies (also called Turk’s Cap Lilies), and pure white Lilium candidum, and then continues until late summer with other Species Lilies and three tall, fragrant groups: Orientals, Orienpets (hybrids between Orientals and Trumpets), and Trumpets.

All Lilies All Lilies Lilies are one of the truly great garden plants for their flower forms, diversity, & extended season. Read more
Oriental & Orienpet Lilies Oriental & Orienpet Lilies Oriental Lilies are best known for their huge flowers and intense perfume. Read more
Species Lilies Species Lilies Delicate and graceful Species Lilies carry their flowers on candelebra-shaped stems. Read more
Asiatic Lilies Asiatic Lilies Asiatic Lilies are early-blooming, colorful, and vigorous. Read more
Lily Mixes & Collections Lily Mixes & Collections Fill your garden and your vases with colorful Lilies from our collections. Read more
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 Lilium Eyeliner Lilium Eyeliner SKU: S381383
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 Lilium Big Brother® Lilium Big Brother® SKU: S381239
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 Lilium Kushi Maya Lilium Kushi Maya SKU: S381454
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 Lilium langkongense Lilium langkongense SKU: S381455
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 Lilium Queenfish Lilium Queenfish SKU: S381404
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 Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum Lilium auratum var. platyphyllum SKU: S381440
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 Lilium Red Twin® Lilium Red Twin® SKU: S382095
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 Lilium henryi Lilium henryi SKU: S381054
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 Lilium Hotline Lilium Hotline SKU: S382087
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 Lilium Spectator Lilium Spectator SKU: S381450
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 Lilium Saltarello Lilium Saltarello SKU: S381457
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 Lilium Captain Tricolore Lilium Captain Tricolore SKU: S381274
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 Lilium Extravaganza Lilium Extravaganza SKU: S381443
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 Lilium Roselily Elena® Lilium Roselily Elena® SKU: S381491
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 Lilium True Colors Asiatic Mixture Lilium True Colors Asiatic Mixture SKU: F984204
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