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Red Dahlias

Red Dahlias

The spectrum of color offered by red-flowering Dahlias is extraordinary, spanning bold, fire-truck tones; bright orange-reds; romantic, wine-colored burgundy and maroon shades; and the captivating, nearly black hues of the darkest Dahlias. We confess to loving them all. Choose the shades you like best and combine them with Dahlias in other colors and forms to add bold highlights to the late summer and autumn garden and to create gorgeous, oh-so-easy bouquets.

 Dahlia 'Cornel' Dahlia 'Cornel' SKU: S41022
From $11.95
 Dahlia 'Jowey Mirella' Dahlia 'Jowey Mirella' SKU: S41165
From $11.95
 Dahlia 'Karma Bon Bini' Dahlia 'Karma Bon Bini' SKU: S40875
From $11.95
New Item:  Dahlia 'Maroon Fox' Dahlia 'Maroon Fox' SKU: S41167
From $12.95
 Dahlia 'Red Fox' Dahlia 'Red Fox' SKU: S41212
From $11.95
 Dahlia 'Sun Explosion' Dahlia 'Sun Explosion' SKU: S41118
From $11.95
 Dahlia 'Urchin' Dahlia 'Urchin' SKU: S41174
From $11.95
 Dahlia 'Verrone's Obsidian' Dahlia 'Verrone's Obsidian' SKU: S41148
From $11.95