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Single Dahlias

Single Dahlias

Single Dahlias have an appealing directness of form. Fashioned on a flat plane, they are characterized by a single layer of uniformly overlapping ray petals surrounding an open center. Orbiting that eye is a glimmering necklace of what appear to be tiny golden yellow or orange bristles. (Botanically speaking, these are the stigmatic surfaces of the Dahlia’s disc flowers.) Bees and other pollinators adore these blooms because they provide easy landing pads and a delicious feast. Gardeners looking to support winged friends in the later part of the growing season will want to stock up on these varieties.

 Bee Friendly Dahlia Mix Bee Friendly Dahlia Mix SKU: S84088
 Dahlia 'Bright Eyes' Dahlia 'Bright Eyes' SKU: S41085
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