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Grow Your Own Herbs

Grow Your Own Herbs

Having fresh herbs at your fingertips is one of life's great luxuries. Herbs are easy to grow in full sun (at least 6-8 hours a day). Many are perennials and come back every year even in cold climates, others need constant warm weather and can be brought inside before frost or purchased again every summer. If you don't have the time or space for a garden, you can still harvest your own fresh herbs in containers.

 Basil Caesar Basil Caesar SKU: S4772
From $7.95
 Lemon Thyme Lemon Thyme SKU: S4679
From $11.95
 Lemon Grass Lemon Grass SKU: S4610
From $12.95
 Fine Chives Fine Chives SKU: S4665
From $8.95
 Flat-leaf Parsley Flat-leaf Parsley SKU: S4663
From $8.95
 Pineapple Sage Pineapple Sage SKU: S4656
From $11.95
 Italian Oregano Italian Oregano SKU: S4646
From $11.95
 French Thyme French Thyme SKU: S4676
From $8.95
 Lemon Balm Lemon Balm SKU: S4667
From $11.95
 French Tarragon French Tarragon SKU: S4670
From $12.95
 English Thyme English Thyme SKU: S4686
From $11.95
 Rosemary Prostratus Rosemary Prostratus SKU: S4162
From $11.95
 Golden Sage Golden Sage SKU: S4655
 Sweet Marjoram Sweet Marjoram SKU: S4673
From $12.95
 Winter Savory Winter Savory SKU: S4677
From $11.95
 Cook's Herb Trio Cook's Herb Trio SKU: S83128
 Beginner's Herb Garden Beginner's Herb Garden SKU: S82947
 Culinary Herb Garden Culinary Herb Garden SKU: S82952
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