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Sometimes the easiest way to shop for plants is to figure out your goal. Looking to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators? Trying to find a plant the deer won't touch? Perhaps you are looking to add native plants to your garden. Explore our Solutions page to find plants that solve problems or help you fulfill your gardening goals.
Rated 5 Stars Rated 5 Stars Only items that are rated 5 stars (our top available rating) are included on this page. Read more
All Ground Covers All Ground Covers These low-maintenance, high performance plants add color and life to beds, borders, & pathways. Read more
Deer-Resistant Plants & Bulbs Deer-Resistant Plants & Bulbs With the possible exception of spiny Barberries (Berberis) there are no absolutely deer-proof plants. Read more
Drought-Tolerant Plants Drought-Tolerant Plants Plants that benefit from well-drained soil conditions. Read more
Early Bloomers Early Bloomers Start the spring color show early in your garden with a variety of early blooming perennials, shrubs and trees. Read more
Fragrant Plants & Bulbs Fragrant Plants & Bulbs We usually appreciate flowers with our eyes, as we admire their colors and shapes. Read more
Ground Covers for Shade Ground Covers for Shade Create a carpet of color and texture beneath existing perennials and shrubs. Read more
Ground Covers for Sun Ground Covers for Sun Add color and life to sunny beds and borders, pathways, and patios. Read more
Late Season Interest Plants Late Season Interest Plants It’s important to rely on plants that bring late-season interest to borders and beds. Read more
Low Maintenance Plants for Shade Low Maintenance Plants for Shade These rugged plants thrive in the shade and return year after year with very little effort from you. Read more
North American Native Plants North American Native Plants All gardeners know they are never alone in the garden. Read more
Plants for Bees & Butterflies Plants for Bees & Butterflies The impact of any garden is dramatically enhanced by the presence of bees and butterflies. Read more
Plants for Hummingbirds Plants for Hummingbirds Hummingbirds are enchanting visitors to any garden. Read more
Plants for Pollinators Plants for Pollinators Attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden. Read more
Plants for Shade Plants for Shade Plants that will perform beautifully in shady areas of your garden or patio. Read more
Plants to Feed the Birds Plants to Feed the Birds Birds enliven any garden with their colors, songs, and antics. Read more
Rose & Clematis Collections Rose & Clematis Collections Good gardeners know that certain plant combinations can make any garden look far better than the sum of its parts. Read more
Salt-Tolerant Plants Salt-Tolerant Plants Solutions for with areas where salt may be a problem. Read more
Featured Items
 Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia SKU: S50188
 Eupatorium dubium 'Baby Joe' Eupatorium dubium 'Baby Joe' SKU: F28938
From $17.00
 Allium 'Millenium' Allium 'Millenium' SKU: F21526
$18.00 $14.40
 Agastache 'Blue Fortune' Agastache 'Blue Fortune' SKU: F20970
From $15.00
 Hummingbird Kit Hummingbird Kit SKU: F86044
 Hydrangea paniculata Bobo® Hydrangea paniculata Bobo® SKU: F63157
From $34.00
 Calamintha nepeta subsp. nepeta Calamintha nepeta subsp. nepeta SKU: F25000
$14.00 $11.20
 Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash' Pulmonaria 'Raspberry Splash' SKU: F37103
From $19.00
 Unique 50 Daylilies - Hemerocallis Unique 50 Daylilies - Hemerocallis SKU: F83076
$160.00 $128.00
 Salvia x sylvestris 'Blue Hill' Salvia x sylvestris 'Blue Hill' SKU: F37634
From $17.00
 Liatris spicata 'Floristan White' Liatris spicata 'Floristan White' SKU: F32952
From $25.00
 Alchemilla mollis Improved Form Alchemilla mollis Improved Form SKU: F21072
$14.00 $11.20
 Aquilegia canadensis Aquilegia canadensis SKU: F23330
From $14.00
 Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' Sedum rupestre 'Angelina' SKU: F38220
$15.00 $12.00
 Phlox paniculata 'Laura' Phlox paniculata 'Laura' SKU: F36064
From $17.00
 Hosta 'Guacamole' Hosta 'Guacamole' SKU: F31570
$16.00 $12.80