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Common Name: Boxwood
Hardiness Zone: 5-8S/W Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
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Mature Height: 3'
Spacing: 3' Read our Growing Guide
Ships as: ONE GALLON POT Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

Anyone whose Boxwood has suffered damage or destruction due to blight or leafminer will enthusiastically welcome this “new generation” cultivar. These round, medium-size, deer-resistant shrubs show excellent resistance to both Boxwood blight and leafminer. Ideal for foundation and formal plantings and as a dark evergreen accent in mixed borders. PP 28,888

Among the 70 species of this widely dispersed genus, you'll find some of the best hedging plants to separate garden rooms and to outline formal plantings. Dense and multibranched, they lend themselves easily to pruning early in the season, but can be kept to more informal shapes with only light tweaking. Inconspicuous yellowish green flowers appear in spring. The small, evergreen leaves are opposite, leathery, and slightly oval shaped, with a distinct odor. Boxwood prefers well-mulched, moist, cool soil in full sun or light shade, protected from winter winds and extremes.


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Very fresh green color

It looks more of quart size plant, very lush green and compact. not as low flat pillow shape as sprinter. Make sure to plant it to the ground or it will die in winter.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: bucks'us

Boxwoods are popular landscape shrubs because they are evergreen, easy-care, and have small leaves and a dense habit that lend themselves well to shearing. They make splendid formal hedges and topiaries as well as foundation plantings. Some varieties grow naturally into upright pyramids, columns, round balls, or low mounds. Because deer avoid them, they have become a substitute for Yew, a favorite treat. Winter hardiness is a problem with some species, whose leaves turn brown from cold and reflected light from snow.

Light/Watering: Sun to partial shade, but avoid locations in full sun. Water thoroughly after planting, and then give a new plant a good soaking once a week during summer, unless rainfall is plentiful (more than 1in per week). Please note that more is not better. When in doubt, don't water.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Moist, well drained soil. We recommend against fertilizing at planting time and during the first growing season in your garden. Plants need time to settle in before being pushed to grow. Most established plants grow best if fertilized with a light hand. Here at the Farm, we fertilize shrubs and trees just once -- in early spring -- with a light but even coverage of a balanced, granular fertilizer (such 10-10-10 or an organic fertilizer).

Continuing Care: Easily sheared or pruned to shape. Protect shallow roots with a 1-2in mulch. In winter, protect from strong winds and full sun, and remove snow to prevent breakage. No serious disease problems, although Boxwood leaf miner, mite and psyllids are insect pests.


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