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These colorful flowering vines are a favorite for adding a tropical feel to patios, poolscapes, and other outdoor areas. Mandevillas are sun-loving climbers, and they produce a profusion of showy, funnel-shaped blossoms that stand out brilliantly against shiny, dark green foliage. Native to Central and South America, they can be grown as annuals in cooler climates including New England. Pot up a Mandevilla outdoors in spring after all danger of frost has passed. Place it in a large container with well-draining potting mix and a small trellis it can climb, or use Dipladenia varieties in a hanging basket and let them cascade. Provide steady hydration throughout the growing season. Your Mandevilla will reward you with a nonstop display of gorgeous blooms. As temperatures cool toward autumn, you may move your potted Mandevilla indoors, if desired, and overwinter it in a warm, sunny room.