Perennial Tulips

Perennial Tulips

Botanically speaking, the Tulip is a perennial plant, having successfully adapted to the extreme climate of its native Central Asia. But over several centuries of hybridizing, the Tulip's natural tendency to perennialize has been weakened. Today, gardeners often treat Tulips as annuals, planting new bulbs each fall or simply recognizing that older plantings will quickly deteriorate.

All that said, we have identified a series of exceptional Darwin Hybrid Tulips that we call Perennial Tulips. This series provides up to 3 years (sometimes more) of splendid bloom. To assure optimum success with these varieties, we recommend the basics of good culture: scatter the bulbs to allow individual plants space for adequate sunlight and bulb growth, plant 8˝ deep, feed with a balanced fertilizer in fall and then again in early spring, remove the flowers as soon as they go by but allow leaves to yellow before removing, and provide minimal watering in summer. You’ll enjoy the rewards each spring.


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