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Double-Flowered Tulips

Double-Flowered Tulips

These double-flowered Tulip varieties have been bred to resemble the giant, ruffled blooms of double Peonies. Their blossoms are long lasting either as cut flowers or in the garden. By selecting multiple varieties, you can extend the season of bloom and enjoy these exquisite flowers for weeks.


 Tulip 'Orca' Tulip 'Orca' SKU: F211060
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Aveyron' Tulip 'Aveyron' SKU: F210139
$14.00 $11.20
 Tulip 'Black Hero' Tulip 'Black Hero' SKU: F221502
$20.00 $16.00
 Tulip 'Foxy Foxtrot' Tulip 'Foxy Foxtrot' SKU: F232789
$15.00 $12.00
 Tulip 'Sugar Crystal' Tulip 'Sugar Crystal' SKU: F241544
$18.00 $14.40
 Tulip 'Candy Cane' Tulip 'Candy Cane' SKU: F241560
$16.00 $12.80
 Tulip 'Angélique' Tulip 'Angélique' SKU: F211022
From $14.00
 Tulip 'Blue Diamond' Tulip 'Blue Diamond' SKU: F211082
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Danceline' Tulip 'Danceline' SKU: F211807
From $22.00
 Tulip 'Finola' Tulip 'Finola' SKU: F211027
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Foxtrot' Tulip 'Foxtrot' SKU: F232735
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Creme Upstar' Tulip 'Creme Upstar' SKU: F212302
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Monsella' Tulip 'Monsella' SKU: F211046
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Shirley Double' Tulip 'Shirley Double' SKU: F232796
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Palmyra' Tulip 'Palmyra' SKU: F232822
From $18.00
 Tulip 'Backpacker' Tulip 'Backpacker' SKU: F242927
From $15.00
 Tulip 'Double Sugar' Tulip 'Double Sugar' SKU: F232771
From $18.00
 Tulip 'Peggy Wonder' Tulip 'Peggy Wonder' SKU: F210146
From $22.00
 Tulip 'Sensual Touch' Tulip 'Sensual Touch' SKU: F241545
From $18.00
 Tulip 'Pistache' Tulip 'Pistache' SKU: F241549
From $18.00