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Basil Plants

Basil Plants

Basil has a delightful rich, sweet, spicy flavor with overtones of mint and clove. Some varieties are strong and others are rich and buttery—good reasons to grow several types of Basil plants in your garden. Crush or mince the leaves or leave them whole in salads and sandwiches. And of course, fresh Basil pesto is the king of pasta sauces. The perfect partner for ripe Tomatoes, Basil is equally delicious paired with Peppers and Onions.
 Basil 'Caesar' Basil 'Caesar' SKU: S4772
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New Item:  Basil 'Lime' Basil 'Lime' SKU: S4609
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 Basil 'Sweet Thai' Basil 'Sweet Thai' SKU: S4597
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 Beginner's Herb Garden Beginner's Herb Garden SKU: S82947
 Culinary Herb Garden Culinary Herb Garden SKU: S82952