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Annuals by Genus

Annuals by Genus

Annuals—plants that grow from seed, and then flower, set seed, and die in a single year—offer the gardener a vast palette. Because they bloom early and often, they are widely employed to provide summer and fall color in gardens whose spring depends on bulbs. Some varieties require heat and full sun; others prosper in moist shade. Annuals also make superb container plants, either individually or in combination. Potted annuals, dropped into holes in your spring garden, will quickly light up the neighborhood.
Angelonia Angelonia These are first-class garden plants that get bushy and full but seldom reach much above 2′ tall. Read more
Annual Poppies Annual Poppies The delicate, crepe-paperlike blossoms of Annual Poppies add bright pops of color to sunny gardens and meadows. Read more
Annual Rudbeckia Annual Rudbeckia The sunny faces of annual Rudbeckia bring bold color and cheer to the garden and to vases over a long season. Read more
Annual Salvia Annual Salvia Many annual forms of Salvia are widely grown for their easy disposition and vivid colors. Read more
Begonia Begonia Begonias are warm-climate plants from a huge genus. Read more
Caladium Caladium This small tropical American genus has given rise to numerous hybrids. Read more
Calibrachoa Calibrachoa This is a genus of Petunia look-alikes from North and South America. Read more
Canna Canna Cannas are tropical and subtropical bulbs that are invaluable to the garden in summer and autumn. Read more
Cleome Cleome This Central and South American native blooms without pause. Read more
Coleus Coleus Enjoy the endlessly colorful foliage of Coleus all season long. Read more
Cosmos Cosmos This genus of about 25 species is grown for its variously colored flowers that appear from summer to fall. Read more
Fuchsia Fuchsia An exuberant disposition makes them greatly valued as ornamentals. Read more
Gomphrena Gomphrena Gomphrena has always been a popular choice for the cutting garden because the 1" bloom. Read more
Impatiens Impatiens A widespread and sizeable genus (more than 800 species) of annuals and perennials. Read more
Ipomoea Ipomoea The large and colorful leaves of ornamental Sweet Potatoes cascade from containers. Read more
Lantana Lantana This tropical genus has the agreeable habit of blooming abundantly and constantly. Read more
Mandevilla Mandevilla These colorful flowering vines are a favorite for adding a tropical feel to patios, poolscapes, and other outdoor areas. Read more
Nicotiana Nicotiana This tropical genus includes Tobacco as a member, and all of its 70-odd species are fragrant. Read more
Pennisetum Pennisetum This genus is comprised of clump-forming annual and perennial Grasses. Read more
Petunia Petunia Among the most colorful and popular genera of annual plants for bedding and containers. Read more
Tagetes (Marigold) Tagetes (Marigold) Marigolds are superb in containers and flowerbeds, and great for creating a low border that adds colorful punch to pathways. Read more
Verbena Verbena Southern gardeners grow up knowing Verbena in all its many forms and colors. Read more
Zinnia Zinnia Annuals in the Daisy family have long been a favorite of gardeners. Read more

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