Begonia 'Gryphon'
Begonia 'Gryphon'

Begonia 'Gryphon'

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Common Name: Begonia
Hardiness Zone: Annual Exposure: Part Shade to Shade
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Mature Height: 14-24"
Spacing: 12-18" Read our Growing Guide
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Product Details

These large, tropical-looking Begonia 'Gryphon' leaves, a variegated silver and green, prove just how dramatic foliage plants can be. We especially love it combined with Impatiens and other Begonias in mixed annual collections. Enjoy 'Gryphon' outdoors in the summer, then bring your plant indoors to admire it up close during the colder months.

Begonias are warm-climate plants from a huge genus. Some varieties throw large, lush flowers in vibrant colors, others (such as Rex Begonias) make their statements with beautifully patterned foliage, and the best recent introductions offer compelling fragrance as well. All Begonias want good drainage and moderate temperatures. While these plants have traditionally been treasured for use in shady or low-light situations, many newer cultivars offer the same performance in full sun. Use these remarkably varied and beautiful plants in garden beds and containers. Hardy to Zone 10.

For more information on growing Begonias, click Growing Guide.




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Beautiful plant

I purchased two of these plants elsewhere at an end of the season clearance no less. One died but one thrived all summer. I absolutely loved it, even though I all I knew was that it was probably some kind of Begonia (it had no label). Anyway, I brought it inside for the winter and it grew to 30" tall and has now (this May) sprouted two new shoots at the base which in a matter of 7 days are now 6" tall! I love this plant so got on the internet to research Begonia varieties with photos and here it is! Begonia Gryphon, a perfect name for such a glorious specimen! I just love this Begonia and plan to put it on my deck again for the summer with other begonias and an annual grouping. It is so easy to care for, I would recommend it to anyone who loves Begonias. Incidentally, this must be a very special specimen as in hundreds of Begonia photos, I only found TWO of Begonia Gryphon!

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Easy Care Centerpiece for a Container Garden

This is a fabulous begonia that will thrive in the South and which needs little care other than watering during the hottest summer months. It will grow very large by the end of the South's growing season, perhaps 2 feet or more, but, for that reason, it makes a superb centerpiece for a container garden when coupled with other shade lovers which can match its height such as certain varieties of impatiens, coleus, and the large waxwing begonias. However, you can trim it as it grows, and it doesn't seem to mind when you do. Overall, a very favorite container plant.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: beg-own'ee-uh     

Fibrous Begonias are a diverse group known for their colorful flowers, compact shape, and rounded green, bronze, or variegated leaves. Native to tropical and subtropical regions, they are grown as annuals in cooler areas where they are not hardy. A widely popular bedding and container plant, fibrous Begonias provide a continuous display of color throughout the growing season. With no deadheading of spent blooms required, these Begonias are low maintenance plants making them carefree and well adapted to a variety of garden settings.

Light/Watering: Fibrous Begonias flower well in partial shade to full sun. Bronze-leaved varieties are more suited to full sun. Water moderately once or twice a week during the warmer season.

Fertilizer/Soil and pH: Plant in well-drained soil high in organic matter. Use an all-purpose fertilizer for annuals monthly during the warmer season.

Pests/Diseases: Fibrous Begonias can occasionally be troubled by slugs. Use slug bait, dishes of beer, and diatomaceous earth to discourage them.

Companions: An exceptional container plant, fibrous Begonias pair well with colorful foliage plants such as Caladium, Coleus, and Ipomoea. Or combine in mass plantings with Impatiens and Fuchsia in the garden.

End-of-Season Care: Can be brought indoors in winter in cold climates, and kept in a sunny window.


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