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Itoh Peonies

Itoh Peonies

In 1948, Japanese Peony grower Toichi Itoh made the first successful cross between an Herbaceous Peony and a Tree Peony, and the result, christened in his honor, are Itoh (or Intersectional) Peonies. Itohs borrow highly desirable traits from both plant parents then add a few advantageous characteristics of their own. Itohs are available in a broad range of flower forms and colors, including some of the brightest yellows. Plants offer the longest blooming season among all Peonies (about 3-4 weeks). The pointy, divided foliage resembles that of a Tree Peony, yet the blooming period tends to coincide with or slightly precede that of Herbaceous Peonies. The stiff stems tolerate weather and rarely flop, giving plants a full, shrubby look that is consistently tidy in the landscape. At season’s end, plants die back to the ground in the manner of Herbaceous Peonies. And like both parents, these long-lived plants require minimal care. Itohs are a remarkable treasure in any garden and an excellent source of cut flowers. Best grown with a minimum of 6 hours of sunlight.

Please note: Peonies are shipped for fall planting.