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Heaths & Heathers

Heaths & Heathers

Calluna (Heather) and Erica (Heath) are flowering evergreens that provide, through a combination of foliage and blooms, a display of showy color all year long. Native to the open uplands of northern England and the hills of Scotland, these plants create a superb carpet for a free-draining sunny bank. They prefer full sun and perform best in well-drained, acidic soil, and appreciate some protection from cold winds in winter. We like to interplant Heathers and Heaths with spring-flowering bulbs such as Crocus and Daffodils.

 Clan of Colorful Callunas Clan of Colorful Callunas SKU: F80236
From $65.00
 Calluna vulgaris 'Sabine' Calluna vulgaris 'Sabine' SKU: F60877
From $22.95
 Calluna vulgaris 'Veluwe' Calluna vulgaris 'Veluwe' SKU: F60876
From $22.95
 Calluna vulgaris 'Michelle' Calluna vulgaris 'Michelle' SKU: F60878
From $22.95
 Calluna vulgaris 'Anna-Sofie' Calluna vulgaris 'Anna-Sofie' SKU: F60879
From $22.95
 Heath and Heather Collection Heath and Heather Collection SKU: S80230
From $89.00
 Calluna vulgaris Cuprea Calluna vulgaris Cuprea SKU: S60817
 Brigadoon Heather Collection Brigadoon Heather Collection SKU: S80233
From $175.00
 Calluna vulgaris C.W. Nix Calluna vulgaris C.W. Nix SKU: S60822
 Calluna vulgaris Rubrum Calluna vulgaris Rubrum SKU: S60857
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