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Heirloom Tulips

Heirloom Tulips

Tulips are durable survivors that are well adapted to life without coddling. Among the heirloom varieties shown here, you’ll find time-valued treasures that have been passed down from one generation to the next. They are tangible links to the past, identical to the bulbs grown by our grandparents—or great-great-great grandparents. Scroll down and choose your favorites from among the heirlooms shown here. You'll be carrying on a long tradition when you grow these lovely historical early spring flowers.

 Tulip 'Black Parrot' Tulip 'Black Parrot' SKU: F210032
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' Tulip 'Mount Tacoma' SKU: F211052
From $16.00
 Tulip 'Prinses Irene' Tulip 'Prinses Irene' SKU: F211402
From $14.00
 Tulip 'Queen of Night' Tulip 'Queen of Night' SKU: F251702
From $14.00
 Tulip 'White Triumphator' Tulip 'White Triumphator' SKU: F261402
From $16.00
 Tulip sylvestris Tulip sylvestris SKU: F232825
From $15.00
 Tulip turkestanica Tulip turkestanica SKU: F215462
From $15.00