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Containers by Material Type

Containers by Material Type

If you’re looking for containers made of a specific material, we can help! Here, we’ve organized our planters and pots by fabrication substance. Whether it’s terracotta, lightweight Lavastone, Fiberclay, resin, or something else, scroll below and find what you’re looking for.

Fiberclay Containers Fiberclay Containers Our Fiberclay planters are made from an environmentally friendly composite clay and fiberglass. Read more
Lightweight Lavastone Planters Lightweight Lavastone Planters Created from a volcanic ash compound called lavastone. Read more
Resin Containers Resin Containers Here you'll find our plastic planters. Read more
Terracotta Pottery Terracotta Pottery Here you’ll find our unique collection of hand-thrown terracotta and clay pottery. Read more
Ceramic Pottery Ceramic Pottery You'll want to find the perfect spot for these ceramic pottery pieces. Read more
Baskets Baskets We’re thrilled to offer an array of beautifully crafted baskets that are designed to enhance the look of your indoor plants. Read more

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 Cretan Pot Idomeneas Cretan Pot Idomeneas SKU: S59088
 Cretan Pot Konstantina Cretan Pot Konstantina SKU: S59091
 Cretan Pot Ikaros Cretan Pot Ikaros SKU: S59089
 Cretan Pot Barrel Glastra Cretan Pot Barrel Glastra SKU: S59092
 Cretan Pot Glastra Cretan Pot Glastra SKU: S58771
 Cretan Pot Andreas Cretan Pot Andreas SKU: S50189
 Cretan Cheese Jar Cretan Cheese Jar SKU: F50192
 Cretan Pot Gozunta, medium Cretan Pot Gozunta, medium SKU: S59087
 Dorset Pot and Saucer Dorset Pot and Saucer SKU: X59361
 Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia Cretan Pot Roumbaki Mallia SKU: S50188
 Cretan Snake Jar Cretan Snake Jar SKU: F50193
 Cretan Pot Kasteli Cretan Pot Kasteli SKU: S50207
 Double Piecrust Pot Double Piecrust Pot SKU: X59110
 Roulette Pot and Saucer Roulette Pot and Saucer SKU: X59111
 Cretan Pot Kioupi Cretan Pot Kioupi SKU: F56841
 Pot Feet, set of 3 Pot Feet, set of 3 SKU: S59564
 Whichford Poppy Pot Whichford Poppy Pot SKU: X59553
 Wrenthorpe Pancheon Wrenthorpe Pancheon SKU: X59082
 The Winter's Tale Pot The Winter's Tale Pot SKU: S59538
 Sicilian Lemon Pot Sicilian Lemon Pot SKU: F59517
On Sale:  Sanya Bay Ceramic Cachepot Sanya Bay Ceramic Cachepot SKU: S59355
$29.00 $21.75
 Persephone Ceramic Planter Persephone Ceramic Planter SKU: F49850
 Flared Basket Weave Pot Flared Basket Weave Pot SKU: S59466
 Togo Pots Trio Togo Pots Trio SKU: S59284