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The common Hollyhock (Alcea) is one of the most desirable garden plants. It should be planted in full sun and, if placed in a protected location, need not be staked. With the exception of our Perennial Singles, varieties offered are officially biennials, but we find that under favorable conditions they will persist for a number of years. (In the South, Hollyhocks are best treated as biennials—planted in fall for bloom in the spring.) Grow in average, well-drained soil.
 Alcea Perennial Singles Alcea Perennial Singles SKU: S21410
From $45.00
 Alcea rosea 'Halo Apricot' Alcea rosea 'Halo Apricot' SKU: S21414
From $15.95
 Alcea rosea 'Mars Magic' Alcea rosea 'Mars Magic' SKU: S21427
From $15.95
 Alcea rosea 'Nigra' Alcea rosea 'Nigra' SKU: S21444
From $15.95
 Alcea rosea Chater's Double White Alcea rosea Chater's Double White SKU: S21416
From $15.95
 Alcea rugosa Alcea rugosa SKU: S21455
From $15.95