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For Bird Lovers

For Bird Lovers

Invite birds to your garden—or someone else's—with our array of special gifts for these entertaining backyard visitors. From seed garlands and cottages to houses and feeders, these carefully selected, top-quality items are lovely gifts for your feathered friends—and for people (including children) who delight in their company.

 Hummingbird Cantina Hummingbird Cantina SKU: S56231
 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 Birdseed Wands, set of 4 SKU: X50155
 Dove Ornament Dove Ornament SKU: X50979
 Chickadee Ornament Chickadee Ornament SKU: X50978
 Set of 6 Seed Balls Set of 6 Seed Balls SKU: X50157
 Fly Thru Bird Feeder Fly Thru Bird Feeder SKU: F50145
 Birdseed Garland Birdseed Garland SKU: X50129
 Stoneware Nest Box Stoneware Nest Box SKU: X50112
 A Magnificent Birdhouse A Magnificent Birdhouse SKU: F56859
 High-Style Bird Feeder High-Style Bird Feeder SKU: X50121
 Galvanized Seed Canister Galvanized Seed Canister SKU: S50114
$39.00 $27.30
 The Naturalist's Notebook The Naturalist's Notebook SKU: F59703
 Radiant Wings Birdbath Radiant Wings Birdbath SKU: S50010
 Easy-Clean Finch Feeder Easy-Clean Finch Feeder SKU: S50151
 Pine Cone Treats Pine Cone Treats SKU: X50127
 Birdseed House Birdseed House SKU: X50128
 Easy-Clean Bird Feeder Easy-Clean Bird Feeder SKU: S50152
 Trio of Birdseed Cottages Trio of Birdseed Cottages SKU: X50125
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