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Lily-Flowered Tulips

Lily-Flowered Tulips

Lily-flowered Tulips are very distinctive and elegant, with graceful stems bearing single, goblet-shaped flowers with pointed, reflexed petals. These late bloomers are long lasting and excellent for bouquets.

 Brilliant Ballet Tulip Trio Brilliant Ballet Tulip Trio SKU: F977223
From $52.00
 Spring Bonfire Tulip Duo Spring Bonfire Tulip Duo SKU: F977225
From $34.00
 The Corps de Ballet Tulip Mix The Corps de Ballet Tulip Mix SKU: F972212
From $26.00
 Tulip 'Ballerina' Tulip 'Ballerina' SKU: F260202
New Item:  Tulip 'Go Go Red' Tulip 'Go Go Red' SKU: F210167
 Tulip 'Liva' Tulip 'Liva' SKU: F210126
 Tulip 'Merlot' Tulip 'Merlot' SKU: F232121
 Tulip 'Purple Dream' Tulip 'Purple Dream' SKU: F260905
 Tulip 'Sarah Raven' Tulip 'Sarah Raven' SKU: F241546
 Tulip 'White Triumphator' Tulip 'White Triumphator' SKU: F261402