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Cold-Climate Hydrangeas

Cold-Climate Hydrangeas

Gardening Tip for Gardeners in Colder Zones

The vigorous Hydrangeas below are garden favorites because they flower despite the severity of the winter. H. arborescens and paniculata varieties blossom on the current season’s growth, with new shoots emerging from the base that produce blooms the same summer. H. serrata ‘Blue Billow’ blooms on the previous season’s growth, which must carry the flower buds through the winter. Yet it has shown exceptional hardiness here in Connecticut by blooming even after a tough winter. Recent H. macrophylla varieties flower on new growth as well as year-old stems, so blooms are assured even after a cold winter. Please note: For gardeners in Zone 5, we advise planting H. macrophyllas in a sheltered location and giving them a winter mulch. This will provide protection from winds and cold temperatures that can damage flower buds.

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