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These long-lived perennials range from exquisitely delicate singles to large and lush doubles, with shades from pure white to the deepest red. Here in Connecticut they usually produce their display in June, and their glossy, deep green leaves look good all season. Peonies make superior cut flowers, lasting more than a week if cut in full bud.

We offer both Herbaceous and Tree Peonies, and occasionally Intersectional Peonies which are a cross between the two. Herbaceous Peonies die back to the ground in winter and send up new growth in the spring. Tree Peonies, listed below with their botanical designation Paeonia suffruticosa, are woody plants that retain their structure year-round. Tree Peonies are slow to mature—don't be surprised if there are few or no flowers the first spring after planting; plants generally take a few years to settle in and bloom heavily. Only shipped for fall planting.

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 Peony Moonstone Peony Moonstone SKU: F35469
From $15.95
 Old-time Peony Collection Old-time Peony Collection SKU: F83543
From $27.00
 Peony Sarah Bernhardt Peony Sarah Bernhardt SKU: F35491
From $13.95
 Peony Festiva Maxima Peony Festiva Maxima SKU: F35433
From $20.95
 Peony Coral Charm Peony Coral Charm SKU: F35407
From $15.95
 Peony Raspberry Sundae Peony Raspberry Sundae SKU: F35490
From $21.95
 Peony Etched Salmon Peony Etched Salmon SKU: F35423
From $39.95
 Peony Coral Sunset Peony Coral Sunset SKU: F35413
From $16.95
 Peony Duchesse de Nemours Peony Duchesse de Nemours SKU: F35420
From $15.95
 Peony Bowl of Cream Peony Bowl of Cream SKU: F35403
From $29.95
 Peony Eden's Perfume Peony Eden's Perfume SKU: F35429
From $15.95
 Fragrant Peony Collection Fragrant Peony Collection SKU: F83531
From $45.00
 Peony Kansas Peony Kansas SKU: F35454
From $14.95
 Peony Dinner Plate Peony Dinner Plate SKU: F35415
From $25.95
 Peony Bartzella Peony Bartzella SKU: F35389
From $59.00
 Peony Jan van Leeuwen Peony Jan van Leeuwen SKU: F35449
From $15.95
 Peony Bowl of Beauty Peony Bowl of Beauty SKU: F35402
From $15.95
 Peony Koningin Wilhelmina Peony Koningin Wilhelmina SKU: F35456
From $13.95
 Peony Lorelei Peony Lorelei SKU: F35384
From $99.00
 Peony Do Tell Peony Do Tell SKU: F35538
From $25.95
 Peony lactiflora Felix Supreme Peony lactiflora Felix Supreme SKU: F35430
From $15.95
 Peony Pink Hawaiian Coral Peony Pink Hawaiian Coral SKU: F35477
From $25.95
 Peony Red Charm Peony Red Charm SKU: F35494
From $20.95
 Peony Yellow Crown Peony Yellow Crown SKU: F35526
From $55.00
 Peony 'Henry Bockstoce' Peony 'Henry Bockstoce' SKU: F35383
From $20.95
 Peony White Towers Peony White Towers SKU: F35541
From $20.95
 Peony Green Halo Peony Green Halo SKU: F35394
From $65.00
 Award-Winning Peony Trio Award-Winning Peony Trio SKU: F83607
From $45.00
 Peony lactiflora White Cap Peony lactiflora White Cap SKU: F35546
From $25.95
 Peony 'Jacorma' Peony 'Jacorma' SKU: F35381
From $17.95
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