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The genus name for this group of plants in the Asteraceae or Daisy family can be traced to the Greek word helios, meaning “sun,” and it’s easy to see why. These dazzling, carefree North American prairie plants sport radiant ray petals that surround a contrasting center (hence the family nicknames “Ox Eye” and “False Sunflower”). The blossoms embody the spirit of the giant Common Sunflowers that can be seen lining farmer’s fields in summer, but Heliopsis are far more manageable in size than their Helianthus cousins, with most growing 3-4’ tall. A few compact cultivars also exist, and they are delightful at the edge of the border. Heliopsis are tough, vigorous, and fuss-free in the garden, and they are a magnet for pollinators. The plants create a sunny presence wherever you put them, and they bloom their hearts out from late spring to fall.