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All Iris

All Iris

The word "Iris" conjures up visions of brilliant, ruffled blooms, for they are among the best known and best loved of garden plants. This huge genus contains upwards of 200 species, which range from flashy divas to smaller, more subtle forms. Iris bloom in June, elevating the early summer garden with their eye-catching flowers. After that, they provide clear, carefree vertical accents with their foliage for the balance of the season. Explore some of our favorites.

The Iris on this page are shipped for either fall or spring planting, see the green shipping details box on each item for details.

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 Iris hollandica 'Discovery' Iris hollandica 'Discovery' SKU: F201322
From $16.00
 Dutch Iris Mix Dutch Iris Mix SKU: F201320
From $18.00
 Iris sibirica 'Butter and Sugar' Iris sibirica 'Butter and Sugar' SKU: S32525
From $12.95
 Iris germanica 'Raptor Red' Iris germanica 'Raptor Red' SKU: F32405
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Raven Girl' Iris germanica 'Raven Girl' SKU: F32185
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Silken Trim' Iris germanica 'Silken Trim' SKU: F32311
From $12.00
 Iris germanica 'Batik' Iris germanica 'Batik' SKU: F32204
From $14.00
 Iris ensata 'Loyalty' Iris ensata 'Loyalty' SKU: S32484
From $15.95
 Iris germanica 'Tour de France' Iris germanica 'Tour de France' SKU: F32184
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Australian Rose' Iris germanica 'Australian Rose' SKU: F32207
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Decadence' Iris germanica 'Decadence' SKU: F32192
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Frimousse' Iris germanica 'Frimousse' SKU: F32318
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Petalpalooza' Iris germanica 'Petalpalooza' SKU: F32322
From $14.00
 Iris germanica 'Lightshine' Iris germanica 'Lightshine' SKU: F32323
From $14.00
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