Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'
Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'

Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Brother'

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Siberian Iris
Hardiness Zone: 3-8S/9W Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
Blooms In: Jun
Mature Height: 36" Spacing: 18-24"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: BAREROOT
Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

'Caesar's Brother' is an old, award-winning Iris sibirica variety that remains in great demand because few others can rival its deep, pansy-violet coloring and exceptional vigor.

Siberian Irises combine easy care with grace and beauty. Group them together or scatter them throughout a perennial border or foundation planting. Their flowers rise above sturdy stems and slender leaves, and feature intricate, arching standards and ruffled falls. They make stunning cut flowers. Iris breeders are dramatically changing the range of colors, heights, and bloom times available in this group. Siberian Iris often begin to flower in late May, but the peak of bloom here is in the first half of June. Their thick roots drive down deeply, which makes them drought resistant (though they also thrive in damp soil) and great plants for holding steep banks in place. Each clump becomes huge, and when a group of them grows together, weeds can't grow in between. After bloom, the grassy leaves stand erect and green through the growing season. Siberian Iris struggle in the desert Southwest.

Irises are among the best known and best loved of garden plants. This huge genus contains upward of 200 species, which range from timid and inconspicuous wildlings to the splendid and extravagant Tall Bearded Iris. Their preferred habitats range from standing water to formal borders, and there is scarcely a shade or combination of colors that can't be found.

For more information on growing Siberian Iris, click Growing Guide.




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Always lovely

Owned Caesars Brother for twenty years, moved to different places in my garden & it performs perfectly every time without any additional help from me! During the past couple of years we've experienced massive rainfall that has devastated other plants-not this plant-it has thrived! Prior years have included drought and still this plant has continued to bloom beautifully without assistance. The only watering I've done was during initial planting. I consider it to be a staple in my garden, the color is matchless!

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Unstoppable iris

I have grown Caesar's Brother for over forty years from the original three plants acquired at the birth of our oldest child. In all my garden touring, I've yet to see a rival to this variety's vigor or elegance. After many divisions, sharings, and garden redesigns these plants continue to offer year round pleasurable function. Even their spent foliage intrigues winter visitors while it generously mulches the surrounding area. I have yet manufactured the neglect or abuse necessary to thwart this prodigious clone, and trust me ... I've tried. While other varieties have frustrated their way to the compost heap, Caesar's Brother has moved ever upward on my list of most valued garden friends.

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Painted treasure

I had these first in pots, then in my low, clay yard. They thrived in each place, untouched by the pests that sometimes hit other nearby plants. The small, gorgeously colored blooms are accented with yellow and spotted with deep purple/black... each bloom lasts a few days and then drops off to make way for another.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
Print Grow Guide

Choose a site in a sunny area where the soil is evenly moist. Siberian Iris will tolerate partial shade, and established plants will withstand dry spells, but full sun and moist soil yield the best results. Partial shade is required in warm inland areas of the West. Note that plants may grow so large in 4–5 years that moving or dividing them becomes difficult.

Using a trowel or shovel, dig the planting holes, spacing them according to the suggestions provided on your labels or cultural sheet. Set the roots in the holes, push soil back into the holes, covering the tops of the somewhat woody rhizomes with no more than 1″ of soil. Firm the soil by pushing down with both hands to eliminate air pockets. Finally, water thoroughly.

Please note: Bareroot plants dry out quickly once they are removed from their packaging. We strongly recommend that you keep the roots covered with packing material until you are ready to plant.

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