Iris chrysographes black-flowered
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Iris chrysographes black-flowered

Iris chrysographes black-flowered

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Siberian Iris
Hardiness Zone: 3-8S/9W Exposure: Sun to Part Shade
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Blooms In: Jun
Mature Height: 18-20" Spacing: 18-20"
Read our Growing Guide Ships as: BAREROOT
Fragrance: Yes Deer Resistance: Yes
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Product Details

Product Details

The allure of black flowers is captivating, and the deepest indigo-violet flowers of this Siberian Iris, Iris chrysographes, are so dark that they really do seem black. Find a spot where you can appreciate up close the small golden flash in the throat, sparkling like a midnight star. Plants appreciate a moist but well-drained location, and soil that is amended with compost.

The Iris genus is named for the Greek goddess of the rainbow, and it’s easy to see why. These brilliantly colored, spring-flowering perennials are part of a huge plant family that contains upwards of 300 species. Iris range from timid and inconspicuous wildlings to the splendid and extravagant Tall Bearded Iris, which create striking vertical highlights in the late spring border. The chosen habitats of Iris range from standing water to formal borders, and there is scarcely a color or combination of colors that can't be found. Iris plants are fairly indestructible. They thrive in most parts of the country and are largely critter resistant. Adding to their appeal, they are attractive to hummingbirds and other pollinators. Plant a variety and enjoy a rainbow of colors that will return year after year in your garden.

For more information on growing Iris, click Growing Guide.




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sadly disappointed

I've wanted to plant this wonderful iris for several years and finally timed the availability correctly and bought 3 for 2021. I carefully planted each in a different place, hoping to identify the best spot to add more next year. Sadly, only two bloomed, one flower each, and neither flower was anything close to black, or even an unusually deep purple. I actually wondered if I had ordered the wrong plant, and checked the invoice to be sure. We did have a very wet summer, so maybe? Or just one of those mysterious disappointments that happen to every gardener, I guess.

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This is the only iris I have planted without luck. Flight of Butterflies was abused and planted too late, but it has done well for a decade. Other irises planted at the same time as this one are blooming their fool heads off already. This one set three buds last year and nothing this year. The flowers were dark purple.

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Truly beautiful and unique!

I've been a fan of irises for years, and wanted to grow I. chysographes from the first time I saw a picture of it - but I now know that pictures do not do it justice at all. They're inky black at dawn and dusk but appear glow a very dark, deep rich velvety purple in bright daylight. Their modest gold signals are subtle and varied, making each bloom unique. Just an absolutely beautiful flower!!!

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: eye'riss 

Choose a site in a sunny area where the soil is evenly moist. Siberian Iris will tolerate partial shade, and established plants will withstand dry spells, but full sun and moist soil yield the best results. Partial shade is required in warm inland areas of the West. Note that plants may grow so large in 4–5 years that moving or dividing them becomes difficult.

Using a trowel or shovel, dig the planting holes, spacing them according to the suggestions provided on your labels or cultural sheet. Set the roots in the holes, push soil back into the holes, covering the tops of the somewhat woody rhizomes with no more than 1″ of soil. Firm the soil by pushing down with both hands to eliminate air pockets. Finally, water thoroughly.

Please note: Bareroot plants dry out quickly once they are removed from their packaging. We strongly recommend that you keep the roots covered with packing material until you are ready to plant.