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Annuals for Part-Shade & Shade

Annuals for Part-Shade & Shade

If you have a shady spot in your garden or on your patio, these annuals will suit nicely. These plants will perform beautifully in part shade (which we casually define as 3-4 hours of sun per day) to full shade (spots that receive no direct sun at all).

Please see the Quick Facts on each variety page for details about the individual needs of particular plants.

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 Compact Boston Fern Compact Boston Fern SKU: S10065
 Macho Fern Macho Fern
From $43.00
 Begonia BabyWing® Pink Begonia BabyWing® Pink SKU: S70544
From $11.50
 Impatiens Roller Coaster Hot Pink Impatiens Roller Coaster Hot Pink SKU: S73761
From $11.50
 Begonia 'Canary Wing' Begonia 'Canary Wing' SKU: S70564
From $11.50
 Impatiens walleriana Beacon® Rose Impatiens walleriana Beacon® Rose SKU: S73758
From $11.50
 Lobelia erinus Techno® Dark Blue Lobelia erinus Techno® Dark Blue SKU: S75623
From $11.50
 Begonia BabyWing® White Begonia BabyWing® White SKU: S70545
From $11.50
 Cyperus Nile Princess™ Cyperus Nile Princess™ SKU: S77256
From $13.95
 Begonia Big® Red Bronze Leaf Begonia Big® Red Bronze Leaf SKU: S70547
From $11.50
 Begonia Dragon Wing® Pink Begonia Dragon Wing® Pink SKU: S70550
From $11.50
 Café au Lait Trio Café au Lait Trio SKU: S83321
 Begonia 'Gryphon' Begonia 'Gryphon' SKU: S70552
From $11.50
 Strobilanthes dyerianus Strobilanthes dyerianus SKU: S78005
From $11.50
 Ammi visnaga 'Green Mist' Ammi visnaga 'Green Mist' SKU: S70260
From $11.95
 Ornamental Grass: Carex testacea Ornamental Grass: Carex testacea SKU: S71031
From $12.95
 Spot On Annual Collection Spot On Annual Collection SKU: S87335
 Begonia maculata Begonia maculata SKU: S70540
From $15.95
 Coleus 'Henna' Coleus 'Henna' SKU: S71352
From $11.50
 Coleus Special Effects Coleus Special Effects SKU: S71370
From $11.50
 Begonia I'Conia® Portofino Yellow Begonia I'Conia® Portofino Yellow SKU: S70538
From $13.50
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