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Every Container

Every Container

Gardeners and houseplant enthusiasts can never have enough containers. Gathered here you’ll find our complete selection, including options for both indoors and outside. From traditional terracotta to lightweight Lavastone, and English-made Whichford flowerpots to our exclusive, rustic Cretan vessels, you’ll find plenty of favorites to add to your collection. These items are also great for gifting.

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 White Beaded Urn White Beaded Urn SKU: F51176
On Sale:  Amasa Basket, medium Amasa Basket, medium SKU: F49855
$32.00 $24.00
On Sale:  Oak Harbor Braided Basket Oak Harbor Braided Basket SKU: F51092
$60.00 $45.00
On Sale:  Green & White Rope Basket Green & White Rope Basket SKU: X59270
$79.00 $59.25
On Sale:  Blue & White Ceramic Planter Blue & White Ceramic Planter SKU: S59479
$16.00 $12.00
On Sale:  Oracle Window Box Oracle Window Box SKU: X55846
$25.00 $18.75
On Sale:  Bari Pot, grey Bari Pot, grey SKU: F50249
$23.00 $17.25
On Sale:  Round Cement Cachepot Round Cement Cachepot SKU: F51077
$23.00 $17.25
On Sale:  Textured Cachepot, cream Textured Cachepot, cream SKU: F59352
$15.00 $15.00
On Sale:  Textured Cachepot, black Textured Cachepot, black SKU: S59353
$15.00 $11.25
On Sale:  Fiberstone Bowl Fiberstone Bowl SKU: S59354
$30.00 $26.25
On Sale:  Portland Pot, dark brown Portland Pot, dark brown SKU: X50250
$50.00 $37.50
On Sale:  Portland Pot, grey Portland Pot, grey SKU: S50251
$69.00 $51.75
On Sale:  Bari Pot, blue Bari Pot, blue SKU: S50252
$48.00 $36.00
On Sale:  Cali Planter Cali Planter SKU: S59351
$22.00 $16.50
Sold Out:  Basket Barrel Pot Basket Barrel Pot SKU: S59518
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