Growing Fargesia (Non-running Bamboo)

Latin Name Pronunciation: far-jeez'-ee-ah

Spacing: 3–12´

Fargesias are non-invasive, clumping Bamboos that do not need to be contained. They make attractive specimens, hedges, or screens. 

Plant in rich, acidic, well-drained soil in an area with shade during the hottest part of the day and protection from winter winds. Bamboos prefer a soil high in organic matter, so allow their leaves to remain on the ground around the stems to prevent the growth of weeds and to enrich the soil. In cold winter areas (Zone 5), apply a 2in mulch of leaves, compost, or bark chips in late fall to provide insulation during the winter.

The shoots of Fargesia murielae are powdery white and yellow-green at first and then turn to yellow.

Fargesia nitida Great Wall™ grows slowly but allow room for the full effect of a mature plant, whose older shoots are weeping while new growth is upright.

Fargesia rufa Green Panda™ is very vigorous, forming new shoots in spring and quickly developing into a large clump. Green Panda™ thrives in full sun but tolerates quite a bit of shade. It matures at 6 to 8 feet tall and as wide, so it's ideal in a smaller garden.

Fargesia robusta Green Screen™ tolerates full, hot sun better than other Fargesias. It grows quickly to form a large clump, 15 to 18 feet tall. New shoots form in early spring, and the stems hold on to a distinctive sheathing that makes this plant stand out even further. Mature plants have a fountain shape, that can be 12 feet wide at the top, so allow room when siting.