Growing Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum)

Siting, spacing, and planting: Goji Berries prefer full sun but will tolerate some shade. They grow well in average, well-drained soil. They like to sprawl and creep along the ground so it is best to tie the 3-5 strongest central canes to a tall, sturdy stake. This make harvesting the berries easer too.

Watering and feeding: Plants should be watered thoroughly at planting time and then several times a week for the first month or so until they're established. Thereafter, they should be provided the equivalent of at least 1” of rain per week if nature doesn't take care of it for you.

Beginning in the second year, use either a timed-release fertilizer or an organic fertilizer designed for flowering shrubs in early spring. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Harvesting: Berries begin to ripen in early summer and grow sweeter the longer they are allowed to mature on the plant. Pick the ripened berries when they are bright red and taste sweet.