Growing Kolkwitzia (Beautybush)

Latin Name Pronunciation: kol-kwit'-zee-ah

Dense, twiggy, fountain-shaped shrub with tubular flowers in late May. Often seen in fine gardens planted in the 30's and 40's, this reliable beauty is making a comeback. No serious pests or diseases. Perhaps due to relatively high nighttime temperatures, the flowers of plants grown in the South are a less vibrant shade than those of plants grown in the North.

CULTURE: Easy to grow in full sun (or partial shade in the South) and average soil. Once established, regularly remove the oldest canes (stems) at the base after bloom in spring. 

GROWTH: Fast; 12" or more yearly depending on growing conditions. Can grow to 15' if not pruned regularly.

PRUNING: Prune after bloom to thin out branches and remove some of the oldest branches at ground level to renew the shrub. Plant blooms on old wood, so if you prune in the early spring, you are removing that spring's flower display.

SUGGESTED USE: Plant with an underskirt of Peonies, in large shrub borders, or in the back of a mixed shrub and perennial border. Plants are not particularly effective when grown as single specimens.