How to Use a Swoe


How to Use a Swoe transcript

Hi, it's a beautiful day here at White Flower Farm, and I'm with Jonathan, one of our gardeners. He is going to show us how to use one of our favorite tools for weeding, the Swoe.

The Swoe is a nicely-sized hoe and its size makes it easy to use between established plants, or, it can be turned on its side to get the edge of beds or between pavers. The Swoe has an oak handle long enough so you don't need to bend. It has a triple-edged blade, and works best if you use a push-pull action. As with any hoe, you don't want to chop the soil – the idea is to save your back and lightly skim through the top half-inch of the soil to slice through emerging weeds just below the surface.

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