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Orange-Flowering & Orange-Foliage Plants

Orange-Flowering & Orange-Foliage Plants

The color orange acts as an energizer, adding warmth and vibrancy wherever it appears. In gardens, orange-flowering and orange-foliage plants add a brilliant zing to sun-loving borders and beds, and they can be used to create dramatic moments in part-shade woodlands, too. The bold blossoms of an orange-flowering Azalea and the small marmalade flowers of an Epimedium shake part-shade gardens from their winter sleep. The bright sunny faces of orange-flowering Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower), Kniphofia (Red Hot Poker), and Echinacea (Coneflower) attract pollinators and bring bold accents to sunny summer borders while the orange leaves of various Coleuses and Spiraea contribute more visual highlights. Orange is a particularly key color in the autumn garden with an array of perennials and shrubs that offer a fiery glow. Consider select Perennial Geraniums as well as various Viburnum and Fothergilla bushes, and the delicate ornamental tree Acer (Japanese Maple) ‘Waterfall,’ among others. Gathered here you’ll find a broad array of orange-foliage plants and orange-flowering plants along with a selection of plants with foliage that blazes orange in autumn. Pair plants with orange flowers or leaves with yellows to create a refreshing citrus palette. Plant them with bright reds and yellows for a bold, sizzling scape. Or mix them with sunset hues of pink, lavender, and blue to enjoy a subdued and more meditative mix of colors.