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Home > 5-Star Plants > Top-Rated Perennials > Shady Lane Garden (34 plants)

Shady Lane Garden (34 plants)
Shady Lane Garden (34 plants) Shady Lane Garden (34 plants) Shady Lane Garden (34 plants)

Shady Lane Garden (34 plants)

Our Shady Lane Garden grows near the nursery on a narrow road lined with ancient Sugar Maples. Here Virginia Bluebells and old-fashioned Bleeding Hearts, both pink and white, spread on their own there among variegated Solomon's Seal. Over the years we've added the Emerald Isle Hosta Collection, our favorite ground cover for shade. The Hostas are just waking up as the others are in bloom, but once fully unfurled, their leaves create a lush, weed-smothering carpet. Hostas are categorically the finest ground cover for shade and one of the loveliest and most popular elements for designing a long-term and carefree garden. The Shady Lane Garden includes two plants of Dicentra spectabilis, one of D. s. 'Alba', five of Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum', six of Mertensia virginica, plus the Emerald Isle (five each of four different Hostas). Plants are vigorous and healthy and will take hold quickly. Each variety is labeled. Garden measures approx. 5ft by 20ft. Tallest plant is Dicentra (36in). Shipped with planting plans.


  • Prepare the soil in an area about 5ft by 20ft, removing any grass, weeds, or stones. Loosen the soil by digging down the length of a shovel's blade, approximately 10-12in. Turn a 3-4in layer of organic matter -- such as compost, aged manure, or leaf mold -- into your soil.

  • Arrange the bareroot plants following the planting diagram -- or arrange to accommodate your planting area -- making sure you leave enough space between plants for them to reach their mature size. Keep in mind that as the Dicentra and Mertensia go dormant, the Hosta and Poly-gonatum foliage will fill in.

  • Dig a hole for each plant wide enough to spread out the roots and deep enough for the crown to be 1in below soil level.

  • Remove and discard packing material as you place each plant in its hole, spreading the roots before covering with soil. Work soil around the roots, then firm the soil around the crown.

  • Water plants in thoroughly. Mulch with 2-3in of shredded leaves or bark, keeping mulch an inch or so away from the crowns of plants to discourage disease.

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Shady Lane Garden (34 plants)

Shipped for Spring Planting

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Quick Facts

Hardiness Zone:
 4-8 S / 4-9 W

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Height: 36"

Exposure: Part Shade

Blooms In: April-Aug

Ships as:  Bareroot

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