Symphoricarpos Proud Berry®
Symphoricarpos Proud Berry®

Symphoricarpos Proud Berry®

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Snowberry, Coralberry
Hardiness Zone: 3-7S/W Exposure: Sun
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Blooms In: Aug-Sep
Mature Height: 3-4' Spacing: 3-4'
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Product Details

Product Details

Symphoricarpos Proud Berry® is a mounding shrub featuring lustrous blue-green foliage that is attractive over a long season on plants that are more compact than our native Snowberry (Symphoricarpos albus). Come fall, though, when the pink blossoms turn into nearly fluorescent pink berries, you’ll see why this is the main attraction. Proud Berry® delivers a prolific show when planted in full sun and provided with a touch of pruning in early spring to encourage an abundant display of fruit in fall. Cut some of the berry stems to bring indoors for exceptionally long-lasting, late-season bouquets. The berries are also a good food source for robins and thrushes. A Proven Winners® variety. 'Sofie' PP 21,226

Grown primarily for their berries that last well into winter, Symphoricarpos produce small, nectar-rich, white or pink flowers that are attractive to pollinators. For more information on the growing and care of Snowberry, click Growing Guide.




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Lovely shrub!

I bought this snowberry bush from White Flower farm two autumns ago and planted it in a spot with part sun and rich clay soil. It was a beautiful specimen when it arrived and is even better now. It grew fairly quickly, has lovely leaves, and developed fabulous pale pink berries after a year in the ground. The deer in my garden haven’t paid much attention to it. I highly recommend it.

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Smaller i hope

I have grown Symphoricarpos orbiculatus 'Moench' Coralberry for over 30 years, I have 35 plants of this. I also have many neighbors who grow Symphoricarpos alba, the white Snowberry which gets even taller, often to 8'. Both are attactive and tough plants.

My orbicularis gets 5' tall by 8' wide in full sun. It tolerates a lot of shade where it reaches 4 x 4' It has held up to snow-15 degrees, lots of gophers, and high heat-110 in our area. I have pruned it severely because it is too large for where I have it in sun. It always comes back nicely. It takes lots of wind with an open, airy, graceful appearance. The one drawback is that it's branches root in the ground rather easily and it is hard work to dig them out. It's berries are inconspicuous.

I am hoping this plant only grows to the dimensions they say and with pink berries will be even more attractive that what i now have. Will follow up later with an update.

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Well packaged, looks healthy

Plants just arrived, so can't report on long-term results yet, but they were well packaged and appear healthy. Came with about 2.5 feet of foliage.

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I added ' Proud Berry' into my grouping of S. albus a few years ago, and am very happy that I did! Not only do the birds benefit, but I get to enjoy a dash of color late into the season. I placed them in a northern exposure in sandy soil so I haven't had a problem with suckering (yet?!). Cheerful on those gray days!

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Growing guide

Growing guide
Print Grow Guide

Latin Name Pronunciation: sim-for-ih-kar'pos

Easy to grow in full sun and almost any kind of soil (plants prefer even moisture in the South).

Fertilize just once, in early spring, with a granular, balanced fertilizer such as 10-10-10.

Plants are multi-stemmed and compact with a dense, bushy habit. Prune as necessary either in late winter or early spring.

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