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Garden Classics

Garden Classics

Plant varieties come and go in the gardening world according to both fashion and the continuing introduction of new forms. But classic garden plants enjoy enduring popularity because they offer distinctive beauty and reliable performance while requiring minimal care in most conditions. These attributes make them indispensable building blocks for any active gardener.
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Sold Out:  Liatris spicata 'Kobold' Liatris spicata 'Kobold' SKU: S32955
From $22.95
Sold Out:  Alchemilla mollis Alchemilla mollis SKU: S21072
From $15.50
Sold Out:  Rose 'William Baffin' Rose 'William Baffin' SKU: S66695
From $39.00
Sold Out:  Clematis 'The President' Clematis 'The President' SKU: S26645
From $22.00
Sold Out:  Monarda 'Jacob Cline' Monarda 'Jacob Cline' SKU: S34298
From $17.95
Sold Out:  Digitalis grandiflora Digitalis grandiflora SKU: S27895
From $16.95
Sold Out:  Geranium Rozanne® Geranium Rozanne® SKU: S29653
From $18.95
Sold Out:  Galium odoratum Galium odoratum SKU: S29445
From $17.95
Sold Out:  Asclepias tuberosa Asclepias tuberosa SKU: S23984
From $17.50
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