Sedum 'Autumn Joy'
Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

Sedum 'Autumn Joy'

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Quick Facts
Common Name: Stonecrop
Hardiness Zone: 3-8S/10W Exposure: Sun
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Blooms In: Aug-Oct
Mature Height: 18-24" Spacing: 18-24"
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Product Details

Product Details

Stonecrop (sedum) is a large genus of fleshy-leaved plants whose exotic forms and arresting colors make them extraordinarily useful in the garden. 'Autumn Joy' ('Herbstfreude') is one of the highlights of the late-season garden. Its leaves are blue green, thick, and succulent. Its flowers, which begin to open in August on 18–24″ stems, start rosy pink, deepen to salmon, then to rust, and finally turn rich brown in an evolution that takes place over many weeks. The blooms are long lasting in a vase and are superb dried, whether brought indoors or left standing in the garden to catch light snowfalls.

Plants prefer full sun and well-drained soil but are surprisingly tolerant of heavy clay. We can't imagine a border without 'Autumn Joy.' Combine with Russian Sage and Black-eyed Susan for a long-blooming finale for the season.




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Great quality

Easy and reliable grower!

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Attracts Pollinators like Crazy

If you're concerned about the dwindling population of bees, you'll want to plant sedum autumn joy. I have three young plants and they are "infested" with bees. At any given time, I'll find a dozen bees virtually drunk on the pollen from these puffy pink flower heads. If I were a child I'd freak out, but now, as an older and wiser adult, I see autumn joys as my small contribution to helping the environment.

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Great for infected cuts

Growing up on the farm, we always had one of these plants in the flowerbed. The reason wasn't so much for the flowers which attract beautiful butterflies but for the use of the leaves. For over 100yrs my family has used this plant as a Showing results for poultice. I remember at the age of 5 stepping on a rusty nail that went through the bottom of my foot and out the top. Ma grabbed up several of the leaves off what we call "the live-forever" plant and mashed them in her fingers and put the sticky substance on the wound. What it does is draws out all the infection from the wound and leaves it a complete white area looking like your fingers if you're in water too long. An again I caught my finger in a bicycle chain and literally cut off the top of my finger but was hanging on by the skin and bone showing.. ma came running with the fantastic bottle.. household cleaner which is still sold in stores..and it cut the grease off my finger, me screaming all the way to the house. She then ran to the live forever plant and pulled leaves again and mashed them, placed my finger back in place, wrapped a nice amount of the gooey substance on that and wrapped my finger. We never went to doctors back in the day, but this plant has been in our family for generations. From 1 plant, every child took from it and grew their own as they left home. I'm the last of 23 children, about to turn 52 and I still to this day have my plant growing.. and because I'm now in an apartment with a small patio.. my plant lives in a cement block hole and rarely gets watered but stays perfectly beautiful! Best plant ever! My kids know exactly what its used for and all my nieces and nephews and their families have starts off this 1 plant we've had for generations!! No matter where you go, just a leaf is all you need to start your own plant! Any cat scratch, any cut, no matter how deep, any type of injury that drew blood... ma was always there with the plant's leaves in hand!

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Excellent plant -- Pest-Proof

We are plagued by both Japanese beetles and spider mites. It's a struggle to keep anything looking healthy in our garden. Some of our landscaping plants are so far gone that I'm going to have to dig them up and get just throw them in the trash. BUT! Our Autumn Joy Sedum is thriving. The spider mites won't touch it and the Japanese beetles have zero interest in it. I am cultivating it and spreading it because it is such a trooper. It is actually healthy and gorgeous in my battlefield of a garden!

If you have spider mites or Japanese beetles, Sedum is for you. Both pests leave all types of sedum alone. And Autumn Joy sedum will act as a "bush" to give you some height among the low-growing sedum.

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Beautiful and hardy

Autumn Joy sedum is so reliable that I use it like small shrubs. It comes up sturdy and full in both full sun and part shade, but full sun gives you bigger more robust plants. The flower heads form up early and slowly turn color from green to rosey to dark rosey red. Don't cut them down and they'll provide winter interest and structure.

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Growing guide

Growing guide
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Latin Name Pronunciation: see'dum 

Upright forms: Plant in full sun (or partial shade in the South) in average, well-drained soil. The dried flower heads of many varieties remain attractive in winter, whether left standing in the garden or brought indoors. Mature plants may require staking. Plants will be more compact if the tips of new spring growth are pinched back by ⅓ when the stems are 4–6″ tall.

Low-growing forms: These colorful, vigorous, but well-behaved ground covers are perfect for decorating openings between stones in a path or wall, and invaluable for rock gardens and troughs. They have the same growing needs as the upright forms, thriving with little care and moisture.

Sedum Tile® is a blend of Sedums grown on a coconut fiber mat for gardens, rooftops, and containers. They are easy to install—simply place the tiles 12" apart from each other over 2–3" of damp soil, firm down, and water thoroughly. For growing in containers, simply cut the coconut fiber to fit your container and plant the tiles over 2–3" of damp soil, firm down, and water thoroughly.

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